knowing ur progress

December 18, 2006 8:11pm CST
As an english learner, u"d better know ur progress~ and here i"d like to give u a suggestion~ SET UP A PDP PDP is personal development planning. It is a supported and structured process to help u understand more about how u learn and what u learn. It encourages u to review, plan and take responsibility for ur own learning to improve my personal, education and career development. THE IMPORTANCE OF THE PDP It is my own experience. While I am at University, I need to keep records for myself. Keeping my own records is part of taking responsibility for myself. I have to make sure that i keep my own copies of documents. The most important records are those relating to my academic study. Making a well-planed schedule so I can check I am registered for the right number of modules, in the right subjects. I should keep these printouts in case there are problems or queries later on.
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