10 Things You Wish You Could Do Before...

December 18, 2006 10:22pm CST
it could be before you kick the bucket. before 2007. before you reach puberty. before you break your virginity. so list down your befores! 1.slap a girlfriend to get a grip and move on and then proceed to calling her a **** 2.ride a bike around the world and at least die happy should you suffer from major butt cramps and blisters on tha inner thigh area 3.go on a surfing trip with girls with tha same interest for a month 4.kissing while sky diving. i wonder how you exchange those body fluids up there 5.move out of the country and start afresh on a laid back island 6.do as many sins and repent*hit head against wall and wail*7.do something good. back pack around 3rd world country helping them in any way possible like say build a school or hospital and name it after me!*selfish selfish* and provide medical help 8.earn ma big gejellions before i really act on number 7 9.like finally try to keep my hair long?10.go look up those mother*bleep* who had been bad mouthing you, round them up for a massive group hug with C4s strapped on you
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@fidainc (412)
• Singapore
19 Dec 06
Before 2007? Hmmm... 1. Tell my family that I love them 2. Finally tell them I have a boyfriend 3. Tell them to treat my boyfriend like a son they never had 4. Backpack around South east asia 5. Backpack US Nations 6. Backpack Europe 7. Make infinite amount of money (see, i want to work for it) 8. Eat Krispy Kreme like till the day i exhale for the last time (I'd proly go sooner thatnks to this) 9. Religiously hit the gym to burn off no. 8 10. Come up with my own fashion line for plus size woman around the world!
@justvenkys (1359)
• India
19 Dec 06
I cannot say 10 things but i can say one thing, I will always work for the thing i eat. i believe it is enough to reach us to the heights.