E-Gold and all its impossibilities

@bhupal (11)
United States
December 18, 2006 10:29pm CST
I love the net. What I love most is the freedom to express and pursue your interests through the net. And ofcourse, try to earn some cash while you are at it. I have been at the net for quite a while now. I was actively surfing while most of the websites were html static. I love the progress we all have done and transformed the net so rapidly towards more user friendliness. I have seen and signedup with many affiliate programs that paid some or none at all. But the most pressing issue has always been and even is till now, "how to get the cash earned to your pocket" and not in some vague account on the net. Then came along PayPal. Though, PayPal has its fair share of mistrust amomg net users, it is still one of the most widely used payment funds management group around. It has opened up in a number of countries while the rest only salivate to welcome them to theirs. I have been using PayPal myself for a long time and have been a verified member too. I find it so easy to pay and receive. The discussion on the benifits and ease or the shrewdness and restricted use of PayPal is for another whole subject. Then there is E-GOLD and alike. It is where you are treated as a merchant dealing in gold. All payments are e versions on the ounces of gold we all like to feel on our hands. A very excellent concept and extremely useful. It gives us a sense of doing business the age old way (paying in gold) but using the very latest technology we humans have ever percieved. "Excellent combination". What I have found out so far (I could be wrong), is that, e-gold and metal payments are prefered over PayPal and alike simply because the payer has no control once the payment is done so there is no chargeback to the seller whatsoever after sales and shipments. This is pure simple straight forward business. And I like it a lot. Hence, I went over to e-gold and signed up for an account hoping to accumulate that tiny shining e-gold and hopefully made me feel like a pseudo-king myself. Hmmm... not so fast at all. I had a huge huge problem getting some gold there in that small pot of mine. The options to get gold was much much difficult than minting gold coins myself if I tried. Western Union: pretty difficult if you live in a country where you are allowed to receive money but not send. Bank wire transfer: burdened if you live in a country where international transfers are scrutinized and sense of e-gold is unheard of. Exchange: Tough to accomplish since you do not have other e-metals as well and PayPal is not revered in this section of business design. So how do you get e-gold? Well, I tried to scratch my head over this and soon realized that I was getting bald. Then there are so many services that are pivotal to my business and surfing aspirations that I would love to jump over the opportunity to get them, but sadly enough, they accept only e-gold. Again Hmmmm... scratch... I am bald. Then I trained my eyes and mind to hone in on the first opportunity to get e-gold. And I was willing to pay good exchange rate as well. And I know having Verified PayPal is useless too. Suddenly, just out of the blue, I catch hold of a signature on a relatively simple forum post: MyLot.com.. Came over to check out what it was all about and I find you lot on MyLot earning that small shiny e-gold that I always wanted. HMMMMM!!!! See.. finally a place to surf, interact and get paid in E-GOLD!! My god this is what all my surfing days were for. I think I will take a rest here in MyLot for quite a while now and make some really good friends. In the mean time I hope every one of you will share some ideas, advices and experiences on how you collected your pot of gold.
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@nhtpscd (1418)
• Australia
19 Dec 06
Good to see I was not the only one with problems and eye strain. 99 percent of the ones I looked at wanted payment by credit card but don't have 1 found one that says it I can Use Australia post with a special card the directions will be emailed to me and I am still waiting. I am sticking to pay pal
@bhupal (11)
• United States
19 Dec 06
Difficult isn't it. But, e-gold does offer the benifit of re-investing the money earned for various services and goods that I like. In any case, PayPal is still the first priority for funds transfer if you do not have credit card like you have stated. Well I think we ought to list the options we find, so that people can really take advantage of everyone's experiences. Please provide a link to the site as well if you can :)and let us know how it goes.