some funny story from my pal in aussie....

@dhitto (296)
December 18, 2006 10:54pm CST
About a year ago, my mate was at a nightclub. He was standing in the taxi line and 3 girls started being stupid so he told them to go away. They ended up trying to fight him but he just laughed and told them to go away again. Anyway, one ended up punching him twice, and then one jumped on him from the side and knocked him down, and then all 3 started kicking him on the ground, while he was saying he's not gonna fight them. Then he got sick of it and punched all 3 girls right in the face. He knocked one out, apparently broke one's wrist, and then punched the other one a few more times in the kisser. Hah. Anyway, so i chat with him yesterday and he shows me a local adult magazine. Guess who's in it? The girl that he punched, ahaha.
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@Sailor (1161)
• United States
24 Dec 06
Until I read the end, I figured that he was just the vict. of some girls for late night fun, but instead they may have been man bashing! A little payback from a hard day at work!