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December 19, 2006 1:14am CST
Does anyone know out there how a repo of a car works? i have a friend who had his car repossessed. They told him he owed such amount for the payments he was behind on plus any fees it cost the towing truck to repossess it. He came up with the amount to pay the lender but when he asked how much the towing/storage fees were, he was told that they couldnt give him the amount until after he paid them. So after he paid them, he was then told how much it was. He was shocked to find out it was about half of what he owed the lender. So he is still unable to get his car and will have to pay the monthly payment to the lender but will still accrue daily charges for the car being at the towing. it just doesn't seem right because if my friend had know the charges were that much, he wouldnt have paid the lender and then just let them keep the car. now he has to figure out how to get it out of storage and the monthly payment. What do you all think? any suggesstions, advice?
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7 May 07
That smells like a scam to me.... I had co signed on a car for a friend and he let the car be repossessed. The car company sued both me and him.. I would not make any payments because legally they have to give you something in writing with the fees. I would call the lender and demand it.
@annieroos (1846)
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23 Dec 06
That is horrible.. I can imagine how your friend mustve felt when he found out he still couldn't get his car.. I wish i had some answers but i don't sorry, but i do hope he gets his car back soon, and That he doesn't have to pay that much of accuring daily charges.