Which is more that matters to you-Economic Stability or Environmental Protection

December 19, 2006 1:27am CST
Countries like the Philippines is an eye-catching paradise for foreign investors who are just willing to pour in huge millions of capital for the extraction of minerals. Australia, for one, is present in various mining sites in the Philippines. And this means large scale operations. The contention, of course, of various groups advocating for the protecting of the environment is anchored on obvious reasons. Mining is destructive--not only to the environment but also to the lives of the poor people living close to these mining areas. It is also a given fact that most of these mining sites are declared protected areas by the same government who allowed and granted mining permints to these companies. While aiming to benefit from it economically, the government is likewise showing how "friendly" it is when it comes of foreign investors by granting tax holidays which could last for many many years. Now, the question would be--which is more that would matter to you--economic stability or environmental protection?
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