How old are you ?

September 22, 2006 11:57pm CST
Lets see how many total grown ups and how many teens in here .. im 20
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@ericmg (93)
• Australia
23 Sep 06
Hello Krishna, I''m For 10 years I have been telling my "kids" I have over a half Century of wisdom, well not necessarly wisdom experiences. the kids are 24 and 28. Now that I know your age I might pick on your brain on moving around this site and doing stuff on a compute. You young people haave grown up with them. With me I struggled with log tables and trying to use a slide rule. Do you try to work this myLot's site just for fun or that and combined with trying to get the $$dollars$$$ up and get a little deposit into paypal? When I joined I found this site as I was looking for a Pressure drop formula for my job As a customer I have asked me a question I could not answer and if I could work it out he would purchase the valving and hose from the company I work for. To make a long story a bit shorter I got the formula from a add on myLot. After joining just for a relax in the evening and sill not just talk but responding to interesting comments and a lot more. I keep seeing people asking all have you got paid how does paypal work and many more. Its' really got me thinking and interested in playing the game. I joined 28/08/06 and have $2.36 It's not very much, however who has ever paid you 2 cents for reading an add in a newspaper you had to buy to read the add.. This thing they call the internet with 100's of millions users, has something for anyone. Boy I hope I havent carried on too much. How did you find myLot? are you on any others? I would really like to read your comments. have a good day PS Its Sat 3:45 PM ericmg