need your opninion

December 19, 2006 3:21am CST
what do u think on this "to make a relationship it takes many moyhs but break off if to frequent" why so?
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• India
15 Oct 07
Its not necessary to have lot of months to make a relation and you are wrong break off also takes alot of time.Breakoff continues until you forget that person and i think it takes many months.Sometimes only 1 day is sufficient to built a relatio and sometimes many years are also less.So strength of relation does not vary with time.It just depends on how was the time you spend with that person,not on how much time you spend with that person
• Romania
3 Jan 07
Ther are not necessary many montsh to make a relationship to must know to communicate whit your girlfrien.The most frequently break-up`s come when the boy is becoming monotone and the girl is getting bored of him. please visit my profile for commment.bye bye