dada back with a bang.....should he now be included in the one day squad ??????

December 19, 2006 3:31am CST
10 months ......detatched from international cricket!!!!but sourav ganguly is now back with a bang!!!!!although sreesanth got the man of the match for his dazzling performance with the bowl ,we cannot ignour the man scoring 51 in the first innnings and 25 in the second and taking the crucial catch of jacques kallis at that crucial moment.he has proven again he still has the potential to perform at those levels!!!!!!!but now its the time to think .....the world cup is nearby........should dada be back in the one day side now?????he himself claims that he is very keen to perform in the one dayers as well!!!!!!what do you people think??????.....whether he would be included in the one day team as well that depends on the selectors!!!!!we cannot interfere there,but what we can do here is to share our ideas on this topic!!!!!!!
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