Raising kids "alone"

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December 19, 2006 6:24am CST
Are feelings between a mom and dad always fair? I was watching Supernanny last night, and the mom was saying how she felt all alone, raising her 6 kids b/c her husband was working 60 hours a week & going to school. I thought this was a little unfair to the dad, it made him look like he wasn't being a good father. But shouldn't dad also be respected for working hard AND furthering his education????
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@sunshinecup (7881)
19 Dec 06
What did she THINK would happen when having 6 kids??? Did she think a magical fairy would bless her with a ton of money for having so many? Did this woman really beleive he would be able to stay home and care for them all? Talk about wanting your cake and eating it too! Dad is doing his part as much as he can. 60 hours a week doesn't leave much time for him to eat and sleep, much more take care of the kids. It was their choice, she needs to stop whinning and do her part. No one forced those kids on her. I think it sounds like the Dad is doing all he can.
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19 Dec 06
That's what I was thinking, too!~ She's got to realize there was a point in her life she should have said "Wow, I have 2 kids, or I have 4 kids" and said "Where's the birth control!" - I think 2 of his kids were from a previous marriage but still, she knew what she was getting into. Dad's got it rough enuf w/o her being condescending that he's not home enuf.