is it much easier to reply here at mylot???????????????

December 19, 2006 6:43am CST
i have been seeing people complaining about people stealing i.e., copy pasting others posts and people threatening that they would complain about them to the admin uve got to think a lot before you post a topic you have to be extra cautious i am nervous the next time i start a discussion thinking that-has it been posted by others and am i standing by the guidelines set by mylot and the other users mylot too has started pretty strict guidlines and is deducting users points for many reasons and most of them pertaining to discussions started by users all this has left me a little scared i have started posting replies mostly and rarely start a discussion i think it is a much better option what do you guys think please reply i want to know every users opinion and please give some tips too for a better using experience in mylot
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