I have committed many "sins" in my life .

December 19, 2006 10:57am CST
Knowingly or unknowingly I have committed millions of "sins" in my life by killing, by telling lies, hating people, eating beef and pork, making people felling trees on my behalf, seeing women with a bad eye etc. etc. I have killed millions of insects unknowingly and also willingly for fun .Thousands of fishes and hundreds of chickens have lost their life either in my hand or meat/fish vendors on behalf of me . Those have been for food . Hundreds of times have I told lies even to my parents and to my wife too . I have felt jealous a number of times for someone's success and my failure . Until the other day beautiful women were prey of my bad look . I have never hasitated to eat beef and pork inspite of being borne to Hindu parents. Were not these "sins"? I have committed them till today and will commit in rest of my life . I am not planning to give up fish, chicken, pork or beef which will lead to killings .I am not going to be too cautious while walking ,lest my feet fall on ants and other insects . Cochroach I must kill, because both my wife and son fear them . I will definitely consume antibiotics to kill the bacteria .Sometimes I must talk to ladies in my office . But since my wife does not like it, I must tell lies to her . Similarly since I know I am not going to be a successful person in rest of my life, I must sometimes be jealous of my successful collegues and neighbours . As I am not meditative enough, sometimes I will be angry with my wife or son or parents if not for their faults at least for my own faults. I will definitely question GOD about His aims and objectives, because I have doubt about them . This is a great "sin", isn't it? So I am sure I am going to commit all sorts of "sins" as described above in rest of my life . But the HAPPY FACT about it is that I SELDOM FEEL SORRY for these . The probable cause of it as I have found from my introspection ,is that if I would have conditioned myself not to commit these "sins" I would have not been able to live, to enjoy the life as provided by God . And since I love this world, people of this earth, animals, trees I have to live and to live I have to commit "sins". I am very sorry to confess my sins. I am helpless . May God bless those who have never committed a "SIN".
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