Dog eat Dog World of the Christmas Rush.

United States
December 19, 2006 11:51am CST
Ever notice how holiday shoppers are like hungry sharks circling for a feeding frenzy? Today, I went to get a few "normal" household items and discovered myself surrounded by hungry shoppers. All I wanted to do was get in and get out with the normal items I needed and just that wore me out fighting the hustle and bustle of eager Christmas Shoppers. In the parking lot, I had 2 cars wanting my space I was leaving. So much so, that I couldn't even get out of the space to let them fight over who could get in it first. One eventually backed up so I could get out, but he lost the space. Kudos to that driver for his holiday sacrifice. Anybody else have holiday horror stories? Sure like to see what is happening elsewhere with the holiday rush to buy someone's love.
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