bathing regiment ^_^

December 19, 2006 12:01pm CST
hi everyone, pls do share your bath regiments.. and all the things you want to tell of your list of products..^_^ mine, i have a hard soap, olay or coconut soap. then i have body washes.. dove cream bath, pamolive essentials aroma theraphy ilang-ilang extract, watsons green papaya body wash body treats, johnsons milk bath, rose cream bath and spa herbal body wash olive oil and milk..^_^ i have a very nice net scrub which is so durable and very nice to skin^_^ i bath with a hard soap first then uses at least 3 of the body wash..^_^ i just shared how freak i am with all the comfort luxury bath.. excluding my shampoos and conditioners, feminine wash, facial wash etc.. 0_0 thus my boyfriend doesnt know why im that obsessed, ehehhe*_* but he loves it, coz everytime i went out from shower he does wanna chew me for i smell like yummy.. anyone who does have collections and does wanna share their regiments..?
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