Voyager I and II

December 19, 2006 12:20pm CST
Whatever happened to them? Are they out of our solar system or something? You just don't hear much about them, and I'm interested on how far they went, you know. Are they having a visit with our degraded friend Pluto by any chance?
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• Philippines
1 Jun 10
Hello there, they have been gone a long time. i don't know if they're still in our solar system though there are a lot of comets and meteors flying around the galaxy that they could have been destroyed or lost in space. and as of this year pluto is no longer considered a planet since it moved out of the orbit within the solar system.
@Xes210 (295)
• Australia
1 Jun 10
Voyager 1 is in the outer ring of our solar system and will exit our solar system in a few years time.The voyager 1 is currently traveling at 55 000km/h, which adds up to be 17km/s.Radio communication is still possible with these two robotic spacecraft but it takes 41 minutes to send and recieve data.Voyager 1 will most likely keep running for another 15 years at least when the onboard electric generators aren,t able to produce enough electricity to power the onboard instruments such as the radio satelite and other important compontents.
@ramya186 (949)
• India
19 Dec 06
voyager - voyager
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@SirPyan (430)
• Malaysia
19 Dec 06
From what I've heard, Voyager 1 already passed Pluto, and Voyager 2 should have gone beyond Pluto by next year. I don't think it managed to send any clear data about Pluto though. I think currently they are trying to pass through the heliosphere.
• United States
19 Dec 06
They are so far out, & so old, most of the stuff to send info back isn't powerful enough, or is broken.