Thermal Conduction Questions

December 19, 2006 1:43pm CST
This insulation company have made claims of R-15 per 5mil thickness for their coating product. I feel they are playing fast and loose with the R-value claim. Ceramic Space shuttle tiles are R-50 / Inch. At R-15 / 5mil that's R-75 / Inch, They quote the cost for 5 Mil at .35 cents / Sqft, that would be $1.75 / Inch ??...... I thought That these low resistance numbers were primarily from the vacuum spaces, I can't see how the molecular vibrations responsible for conduction are less in a paint binder than the matrices of the Shuttle's ceramic tiles?? They claim that their low conductance is due to the The Knudsen effect ....that was new to me.... but makes sense. , But they still obfuscate about publishing U or R values. Why can't this company have these numbers, U and R-values, verified by the government labs or construction product testing institutions? That would end this discussion. They claim That Aerogels are the only material that has a lower conductance, but Aerogel Panels are R-20 @ about 2 inch thickness. However, This other Nano insulation company has no problem claiming a r-value of R-40: Please, I need some thermo dynamic help here.
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