@Brandi06 (2227)
United States
December 19, 2006 5:31pm CST
Me and my husband have 2 girls (4 and 5 years old) from our past relationships. im always on my own daughter about her behavior and whats right from wrong,like parents should be. my problem is that my husbands daughter gets away with everything. no matter what i say just floats away like i dont know what im talking about. the whole thing is,my husband and i only have her every other weekend and he thinks that he should baby her all the time and let her get her way cuase he dosent want her to go back to her moms home and start tell her mam that daddy was mean to me. for myself, i set the same rules and standerds with my daughter and my step daughter. my step daughter will do somthing wrong then runs to her dad becuase she knows that dads going to baby her. while my daughter is getting punished for the same reason my step daughter should be getting punished for. ive talked to my husband many times about her behavier and that babying her will not be good for her in the future. what makes me so mad is that when she does something worng and runs to her dad. she will look me straight in my eyes with this little smile, \"like what are you going to do about it.\" of course my husband dosent see it becuase his hugging and giving her lil kisses to calm her down. when i bring it up to him he laughs and says thats just the way kids are, but im sorry if my child did that there would be many things i would be doing to correct that. what do i do? please, i need some advise.
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