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December 19, 2006 5:33pm CST
I hope this is appropriate and let me say thank you so very much in advance for providing a forum in which I can try to get advice in a quasi-anonymous manner. I have newly turned 7 yr old boy/girl twins. I am divorced from their father. They live with his mother and have for 3 yrs. (will further explain readily if needed) I am in an interstate custody \"fight\" for them as we speak. Witihin the next year, it appears that I will finally attain full custody of my own children once again. In the interim however, their dad, his mother and I are close to a large extent. they just have their opinions about me relocating the twins from Alabama to the \"land devoid of morals California; SF at that!!\" Anyway, here is my BURDEN and my concern: Their father is most likely about to have to \"pay the piper\" and serve a prison sentence. This is horrifying to me for fear of the short and long term affects this will have on the twins. His mother lives in her own world filled with denial of her sons\' former lifestyle. The kids are in boy/girl scouts, very active in church and just generally consumed with \"Good vs.Bad\". I am terrified of what this will do to both of them. They dearly love their father, although I think they are beginning to see their dad as \"different\" How would I tell them? How would I help them to integrate this into their lives without it ruining their own self concepts/self esteem etc? The questions in my heart and mind are endless. I would appreciate from the bottom of my heart any advice regarding this situation. I want more than anything in the world for them to be comfortable with themselves and know that they are absolutely PERFECT being exactly who they are. Thank you again and may your lives and children\'s lives flourish.
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20 Dec 06
Are you posting questions for a bunch of people or are they all you because you sound like you have alot of kids fo one person to take care of and I think you posted that you are pregnat again! Thats a lot of kids to have to take care of expecially if they are all as badly behaved as you say they are.