Mylot and discussion post reponce thankyous.

@nhtpscd (1418)
December 19, 2006 6:15pm CST
I was going through some of the posts and noticed a few complaining about not getting thanked for their responses and those who point the rules about it I have a suggestion that would appease both sides of the equation.If all you want to say is thank you with no other comment do it at the end of the day buy simply saying something like I thank all the members above who I have not already replied to I thank them for the input. It sames space and time as well on the discussion starter. What do you think would it stop some of the complaints?
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• United States
20 Dec 06
it wouldn't hurt, i think its a good idea. its hard to keep up with everyone that post to your discussions. i try to get to as many as i can.
@nhtpscd (1418)
• Australia
20 Dec 06
I find that there are complaining that they aren't getting thanked ant those complaining there is too much litter on the site. It was just a suggestion I love finding peaceful resolutions. Ta for you thoughts. All we can do is see if it makes more people happy