December 19, 2006 6:29pm CST
what do u think about Warrock? come and discute
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• Italy
26 Nov 07
it's a wonderful game! But there is most flaw: there is many hackers, bugs exploitation and if you are not a gold user you have many disavantages than a gold user. in spite of everything warrock(in my opinion) is the best online-fps.
@egikov (11)
• United States
8 Mar 08
I think it's a good game. Just bought a psg
@Corona10 (14)
• Italy
29 Apr 07
hi warrock is my favourite games and AAS is my clan!
28 Dec 07
have u been in any clan wars yet?? wanna have one with my clan?
@sanokser (58)
• Israel
19 Jun 08
Dispite many people on internet who claims its a battlefield ripoff, i have to disagree and of cource im a big fan of warrock, which automatically makes me say WARROCK IS A VERY GREAT GAME!!! Right now its not a best time to join the game though, the hackers are insane and completely ruined the fun the last month, not to mention the slow game guard updates , so you might consider whether to play it or not for now.
• India
23 May 08
Warrock is the best game ever created.. although it lags like hell..but it is a really cool game!!!i like it..and im addicted!!
@shekruse (678)
• India
16 Jan 08
I love it... been playing since 6 months now, New maps out .. I play as a Sniper on the India Server.
@steven1 (542)
• Canada
16 Apr 07
i like very much war rock, im now level 7
• Canada
10 Mar 07
I like WarRock, looks pretty good and its FREE
4 Feb 07
I love this game! Its the best free first person shooter in my opinion. I prefer it over Counter strike source, as the realistic bullet registry on counter strke source annoys me.
• United States
1 Jan 07
I freaking love that game, Its sooooo addictive, and i cant stop playing it. Some people said that its similar to battlefield II, but i'm not to sure about that. Either way, warrock is of the best FREE online games that i've played, and i recommend everyone play it. AND THE BEST PART IS, THE GAME IS FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE....
@kyng386 (66)
• Estonia
1 Jan 07
I like it. Being for free is one of the best features. It almost feals adictive.
@sylar18 (117)
• Canada
20 Dec 06
I think that warrock is an exellente game for everyone that likes fps. Its free and has good graphics. looks a little bit like battlefield 2 but still good playing online. Btw its discuss not discute...