How can I recieve or take a forklift license?

@weezy250m (1892)
United States
December 19, 2006 6:30pm CST
How can I recieve or take a forklift license?
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• Halifax, Nova Scotia
31 Dec 07
im not sure about where you are but in canada there is no license to get for a forklift.. you can get certified training offered through universities and other private companies but it wont help you out much except to say you have past experience.. in most places that use a forklift you will be re-trained or at least tested on your ability and then its up to the company to give the ok and let you drive.. most forklifts are operated on private property which is how they get away with not needing a license.. i know a friend of mine drives forklift also but he gets to drive on roads at construction sites etc and they need a drivers license for over sized vehicles but that covers most construction vehicles not specfic to the forklift.. i only drive on in a factory so i need no license at all just the certification my company and all other companys have to train you on