Sea world

December 19, 2006 7:44pm CST
Sea world, manufactured by the famous Atlantic yacht manufacture in France, was once a luxury yacht originally named ANCEVELLER. With the height of 9 decks, length of 168 meters , width of 21 meters and displacement of 14,000 tons, it was launched in 1962 by French president De Gaulle in the opening ceremony as his private luxury yacht. In 1973, it was then purchased and renamed to Minghua by China for the purpose of transporting the engineering technicians to Tanzania. Later on an Australian travel company rented this vessel to open up new travelling routes on the Sea. In 1979, Chengzhi Liao, the chief of Sino-Japan relationship association, travelled to Japan with his colleagues on this yacht, which earned this yacht a new name as the yacht standing for the friendship between China and Japan”. 1983 saw the major change of this yacht to the first ocean travelling centre in China located in Shekou 6th coastline region with the interior decorations changed for business and entertainment purposes. The famous Chinese leader Xiaoping Deng stayed overnight on it when he visited Shekou in 1984; during his stay he left this yacht with an inscription of Sea world as its new name. In a word, Sea world serves as a witness to the 20-year revolutionary economic reform in Shekou and also the whole of Shenzhen; it is considered as part of the historical treasure in the special economic zone.
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• India
23 Dec 06
hey thanks for your information.whre did you get this information?
• China
25 Dec 06
Thank you.The sea world is famous sight.welcome to shenzhen,china.