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December 19, 2006 9:58pm CST
hi, my name is shiva.I'm a new comer to this community, so plz help me
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@Sicantik (706)
30 Jun 07
Hi shivsarah, Welcome to mylot I hope you enjoy your time here. here in mylot you can earn money by starting or responding to a discussion. YOu can also earn money by uploading a nice picture and from referal. All the best happy posting and earning...xx
@Buchi_bulla (8299)
• India
30 Jun 07
Welcome to Mylot. You have joined a good commumity. Here you can earn money, improve your writing skills and make friends from all over the world. Read the instructions and start posting discussions and responses. Best of Luck.
@mrkbrynt (159)
• Philippines
30 Jun 07
hi... i hope youll enjoy her.... just keep on posting.. anything that comes out from your mind..... remember... mylot will pay you for posting.... so keep on participating.... response to other's discussions....
@anjrit (997)
• Indonesia
30 Jun 07
Hi shiva,I'm anjrit.Nice to be your friend here.Add me as your friend I will response almost your discussion if I can.
@psyche49f (2511)
• Philippines
24 Jun 07
Hi, shiva...welcome to mylot. Hope that we can be good friends here. Post more discussions and respond to as many topics...I hope you will enjoy being a member of this community...cheers!
@vijaygame (758)
• India
20 Dec 06
Read manuals
@rinaaus (1203)
• Australia
20 Dec 06
Hello, my name is rina. welcome on board. hope you will enjoy here. Try to start a new discussion and express your opinion. I'm sure you will have fun.
• United States
20 Dec 06
Welcome to myLot. I hope you will love it here as much as I do. There are some really great folks here. First, respond to quality discussions, not discussion topics that are only yes or no answers. Your responses need to be quality also, several sentances. Second, you can post images in your responses. When you start discussions make sure they require more than just a yes or no answer. Sometimes I post 2-3 discussions a day, sometimes only 1. Third, make sure you reply to all the people that responded to your discussion topics. Say thank you...comment on what they said. This keeps your discussions going. Fourth, rate the questions you respond to, the replies you get to your questions, and any others you feel deserve a + rating or - rating. Fifth, tags are important, come up with as many as you can or that they will allow, that describe what your topic/reply is about. Also, be sure to pick a best answer from those that respond to your topics. If you need any more help, I will do my best to answer. These are just my suggestions. I hope they help. If you need more specific guidance the myLot team is great and will help you. You also need to read the FAQ's and Guidelines. That will help you a great deal. Again, welcome to myLot and best wishes.
@gscs1838 (1536)
• Malaysia
20 Dec 06
hi! welcome to mylot. is better you go thru the discussion guideline, f&q, new alerts for more info of posting guideline. if you have any enquiry..please send a private message to mylot administrtor.. good luck and merry chrismas