Why is terrorism a lot in the world?

December 19, 2006 10:51pm CST
plz tell
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@froogle (776)
20 Dec 06
terrorism is wide spread because of two basic things. one is caste system and the other is greed. usually, terrorism is religion based. thats what we know from news channels. their target is the people of other religions. then, people want their society to grow. so they attack other societies because of greed. if both are not there, there will be peace in the world.
@gotcho0O (1258)
• United States
20 Dec 06
So it's about the religion. They want it to grow and lead all the nation. They should realized that till the end of the world evil will never succeed. Think about it, good vs. bad? It's always good who won the fight, right?! God is always there to help good people.