Updating the general knowledge

December 19, 2006 11:32pm CST
Largest Airport is King Abdul Aziz International Airport outside Riyadh (Saudi Arebia). Largest Bay is Hudson Bay Northern Canada. Tallest Building is Sears Tower, Chicago, Illions and New Petronas Towers in Kaula Lumpur. Largest Cathedral is Church of the Diocese of New York. The Longest Wall is Great Wall of china. Waterfalls- Highest is Salto Angel Falls, Venezuela. Widest is Khone Falls, Laos. Greatest is Boyoma (Formerly Stanely) Falls, Zaire. Railway- Largest Station is grand Central Terminal, New York. Largest Platform is Kaharagpur,W.B. India. Planets- Largest is Jupiter. Smallest is Mercury. Coldest is Pluto Nearest to Sun is Mercury. Nearest to Earth is Venus. Farthest from Sun is Pluto. Brightest is Venus. Can anybody update the above position?
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