Is it ok with you to marry UNVIRGIN woman ?

December 20, 2006 12:26am CST
Almost all men dont agree to marry an unvirgin woman, espicially in the middle east. and if that happens, he consider himself as a dump-loser and he had been fooled and she cheated on him. and he blames himself till death. so, do u belong to this category. or do u believe that every woman has the right to make love and then get married to another guy which it's probably would be YOU ?
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• Malaysia
20 Dec 06
if Im still a virgin.. then.. its not ok..
• Egypt
20 Dec 06
but how old are you ?
@vijaygame (758)
• India
20 Dec 06
It is absolutely OK. But she should not cheat behind marriage. That is the only concern. Virginity is not so mandatory these days, everyone has a little scratch here and there.
• Egypt
20 Dec 06
Yeah, I like these words. scratch here and there. I agree with you. nobody's perefect these days. everyone has that scratch. even if it's not in his/her body. it's in his/her mind. or even in his/her faith, beliefs. i have many scratchs. but it takes years to talk about them.
@Roseate (185)
• Lebanon
25 Dec 06
Well that depends on where you live and your believes.... And religion too, I think that is the more important thing to consider when thinking about right and wrong.