If you could change something in your body, which would it be?

@hellboi (664)
December 20, 2006 1:23am CST
I know we have our imperfections, so if we have the power to change one, which part would you want to be perfect?
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• United States
29 Jan 07
If I had the power to change one part of my body for a new one, it would be my spine. I have had a reconstructive lumbar spinal fusion 3 years ago (due to arthritis) as well as a laminectomy on 3 vertabrae (excess bone removal which causes choking on the spinal cord) and I do believe I will have to have fusions on other parts of my spine as well, since the arthritis includes my whole spine. I am very thankful that I had my back surgery, and I am doing great, but it also was the MOST painful experience in my life, and I have had my babies by c-section, so I'm no stranger to pain! Great Post!! Thank you!! :-)
@rikpallav (1242)
• India
20 Dec 06
I would like to change my hairs... as they are falling off very fast.