kaba is a hindu temple????

December 20, 2006 2:07am CST
please someone who is serious about this and wants to discuss things in peaceful and mature manner only respond to this post..thanks in advance. I heard from beginning that kaba is a hindu temple but never gave any thought about it ..recently came to know about it more now i think it might be possible..why?? 1) if you see the attached picture in this discussion then you will notice a muslim in the right(front) wearing white clothes. Actually this is vedic style of priests..hindu priests wear white or saffron clothes in this style and I have never seen any muslim in my life till now wearing clothes in this style in india. 2) muslims cut their hair during hajj which is also a vedic ritual ...as hindus cut their hair in temples and that why india is big exporter of hair for wigs..just an example..lol 3) muslims circumambulate 7 times around kaba..nowhere in the world i heard about muslims performing this circumambulation ritual around anything..while hindus or vedic ppl use to circumambulate 7 times in every temple the only difference is muslims circumambulate in anti clockwise direction while hindus in clockwise. Although this can be understood from one hadith which says "prophet mohammad asked muslims to trim their moustaches and to grow beard because that time infidels(according to qoran) used to grow moustaches and while trimming their beard....so it was kinda of opposite behaviour accepted by prophet mohammad. 4) i read on google 786 in islam doesnt have any significance even muslim scholars say not use 786 but bismillah..but i read somewhere 786 in arabic is mirror image of symbol OM (?)..(i haven't seen 786 in arabic so please correct me if it's wrong or right) 5) black stone in kaba is called Hajre-Aswad while in sanskrit it's original name was "shanghey aswhet " means non white stone. many words in arabic are derived from sanskrit for example arabistan in sanskrit it was arva+shtan "land of horses" ..Here is a sampling of some: Sanskrit, Arabic, English: Sagwan, Saj, Teakwood/ Vish, Besh, Poison/Anusari, Ansari, Follower/ Shishya, Sheikh, Disciple/ Mrityu, Mout, Mortal/ Pra-Ga-ambar, Paigambar, One from heaven/ Maleen, Malaun, Dirty, soiled.MALevolent/ Aapati, Aafat, Unfortunate, Karpas, Kaifas, Cotton/ Karpur, Kafur, Camphor/ Pramukh, Barmak, Prominent Chief/Naranga, Aranja, Orange. 6) pre islamic arabia was influenced by vedic culture so its possible that kaba might be a vedic temple before prophet mohammad. few facts support it for example.. "Aya muwarekal araj yushaiya noha minar HIND-e Wa aradakallaha manyonaifail jikaratun" "Oh the divine land of HIND (India) (how) very blessed art thou! Because thou art the chosen of God blessed with knowledge" "Wahalatijali Yatun ainana sahabi akha-atun jikra Wahajayhi yonajjalur -rasu minal HINDATUN " ."That celestial knowledge which like four lighthouses shone in such brilliance - through the (utterances of) Indian sages in fourfold abundance". "Yakuloonallaha ya ahal araf alameen kullahum Fattabe-u jikaratul VEDA bukkun malam yonajjaylatun" "God enjoins on all humans, follow with hands down The path the Vedas with his divine precept lay down." "Wahowa alamus SAMA wal YAJUR minallahay Tanajeelan Fa-e-noma ya akhigo mutiabay-an Yobassheriyona jatun" "Bursting with (Divine) knowledge are SAM & YAJUR bestowed on creation. Hence brothers respect and follow the Vedas, guides to salvation" ."Wa-isa nain huma RIG ATHAR nasayhin Ka-a-Khuwatun Wa asant Ala-udan wabowa masha -e-ratun" "Two others, the Rig and Athar teach us fraternity, Sheltering under their lustre dispels darkness till eternity". This poem was written by Labi-Bin-E- Akhtab-Bin-E-Turfa who lived in Arabia around 1850 B.C. That was 2300 years before Mohammed!!! This verse can be found in Sair- Ul-Okul which is an anthology of ancient Arabic poetry. It was compiled in 1742 AD under order of the Turkish Sultan Salim. 7) another poem praising a hindu king is also shows the influence of vedic culture in pre islamic arabia. Vedic culture was very much alive just before the birth of Muhammad.let's refer to the Sair-Ul-Okul. The following poem was written by Jirrham Bintoi who lived 165 years before the prophet Muhammed. It is in praise of India's great King Vikramaditya who had lived 500 years before Bintoi. "Itrasshaphai Santul Bikramatul phehalameen Karimun Bihillahaya Samiminela Motakabbenaran Bihillaha Yubee qaid min howa Yaphakharu phajgal asari nahans Osirim Bayjayholeen Yaha sabdunya Kanateph natephi bijihalin Atadari Bilala masaurateen phakef Tasabahu. Kaunni eja majakaralhada walhada Achimiman, burukan, Kad, Toluho watastaru Bihillaha yakajibainana baleykulle amarena Phaheya jaunabil amaray Bikramatoon" - (Sair-ul-Okul, Page 315). "Fortunate are those who were born during King Vikram's reign, he was a noble generous, dutiful ruler devoted to the welfare of his subjects. But at that time, We Arabs oblivious of divinity were lost in sensual pleasures. Plotting & torture were rampant. The darkness of ignorance had enveloped our country. 8) Here are some of the Vedic deities and their original Sanskrit names: Arabic ,Sanskrit,English : Al-Dsaizan,Shani,Saturn/Al-Ozi or Ozza,Oorja,Divine energy/Al-Sharak,Shukra,Venus/Auds,Uddhav-Bag,Bhagwan,God/Bajar,Vajra,Indra's thunderbolt/Kabar,Kuber, God of wealth/Dar,Indra,King of gods/Dua Shara,Deveshwar, Lord of the gods,Habal,Bahubali,Lord of strength,Madan,Madan,God of love/Manaph, Manu,First Man/Manat, Somnath, Lord Shiv/Obodes,Bhoodev, Earth/Razeah,Rajesh,King of kings/Saad,Siddhi,God of Luck/Sair,Shree,Goddess of wealth/Sakiah,Shakrah,Indra/ Sawara,Shiva-Eshwar, God Shiva/Yauk, Yaksha, Divine being/Wad,Budh,Mercury/ I would appreciate and expect peaceful comments about this as my intentions are to know the facts from both sides... Thanks.
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7 Jul 10
Pyari bulbul, Although this discussion seems to have occured four years ago, but the theme has no time, hence the repsonse. You just missed couple of important points. 1. Black stone in hsape of shivalinga is worshipped. Why? Islam does not promote idol worship, not even prophets picture idol is allowed, then why this is an exception? 2.I heard from Haz pilgrims from various parts, that they bow down there and after circumbulation they touch the walls/pillars with the their heads, same way hindus do in temples. 3. Taking bath and going in just one white clothes is compulsory in kaba. 4. Astonishingly, i recently discovered that Kaba is a tamil word, which means temple and theier is a place in south india named kaba and has an old shiva temple as well. 5.Why chaand tara, is so pious in islam, because it comes from Om and also found on the head of shiva? 786 arabic forms the other part of om.
30 Dec 11
u have places so many question marks let me give answers one after one. 1. muslims dont worship black stone we worship only one Allah creator of heaven and earth.it was said by scholars the black stone when it came down to earth from heaven it use to be white(no comparission of it with shivling) and it become black as it tends to obserb sins of people. if some said to you we worship kaba or blackstone.you might not have seen people standing on idol and praying to it during haj time people climb over kaba to change its viel. 2.we bow and dow there we do tawwaf(circumbulation) of kaba touch walls and pillars. to show to the world we worship only one ALLAH owner of kaba unlike hindus who worship and to tawwaf of every place. 3.white clothes going there well u must know that muslim ware lot of white i do ware white clothes there is no point in it. 4. well u might discovered many things it may mean so many things to so many. a word in one language mean differentely in other language like kutta in hindi means dog where we consider it in telugu it meams a bad word. well kaba in arabic means cube means ntohing in it 5.chaand tara have no significance in islam nor the sun or the sky or the air or cow or hen or camel. we worship the creator of god if do read surah ibrahim from quran u will see how prophet ibrahim denied star and moon and came to one Allah
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2 Jan 07
kaba temple - kaba temple
i dont know wether it true or not but i hear a story about that,& also dont know the reason why people belong to other religion r not allow to go their speacialy hindu.
30 Dec 11
Before islam entered in to arabiya time before prophet arabs are pegans they use to worship everything and anything they want too from bone to stone. i have heard they use to worship god made of dates. how ever if modren people found some idols inside kaba it self its doesn't mean its islam. well at the time of prophet when he was born it was said there are around 320 idols placed inside kaba. people belong to other religion are not allowed inside kaba. first thing islam is a law(shariya) rules and regulations that need to be followed according to islam(Law) passport needed to entered in to kaba is being muslim first. if i say i am not allowed to enter indian assembly nor even state assembly and ask poeple why your govt dont allow me inside assmeby they say you need to have proper authority to enter in the same way the authority required to enter in to kaba is islam. any how if i say to as your hindu why bahoojan(untouchable) not allowed in to temples. even though they are hindus. you may say they are allowed well they are not allowed before its a amendment made by people not by god's of hindus and for islam it doesn't encourage changes. unless it is from the one creator (Allah)
4 Aug 10
Dear Pyari Bulbul Yours is a very old post and I'm not sure whether you are still accessing it. If yes, pl let me know and I would like to respond to all your points. Regards