What is more important? creativity or efficiency? Why?

December 20, 2006 3:48am CST
I need answers good answers. THat was one of the questions I've encountered when I was interviewed for a job. Thanks a lot. Hope somebody would help!
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• United Arab Emirates
6 Feb 07
The key to maximizing efficiency is to work with your own natural internal body rhythms.
@amitheone (274)
• Philippines
23 Dec 06
The most important in my opinion is creativity. With creativity you are able to formulate new ideas which can help the business. It can enable establishment to explore new possibilities to enhance their product range and marketability. People do get tired to old things in the market and sooner or later it won't be attractive as other competitors will have an edge over that easily.
• India
23 Dec 06
"Creativity" is the ability to think up and design new inventions,produce works of art,solve problems in new ways, or develop an idea based on an original, novel or unconventional approach. Its the ability to see something in a new way. "Efficiency" is the power or capacity to produce a desired result. I think Creativity is more important than efficiency because in today's competitive world, one needs new,fresh,innovated ideas to sell things or do anything. But Efficiency is also important cos you have to be upto the mark to be in the race. So only should be "creatively Efficient".
23 Dec 06
Hi Simplegal, Good question - but how can you be efficient without creativity? Surely you cant be efficent unless you had something to be efficient about and that thing surely comes from creativity. If you just had efficiency by itself what would you be efficient at? I think that would be called going around in circles looking for something to be efficient at !!! There again I might just be wrong at which I am quite efficient at - but who/what created that fault - if in deeed it is a fault. Good night - if I dont go to sleep now I will be neither creative or efficient in the morning.
@bacardi82 (123)
• Indonesia
22 Dec 06
creativity and responsibility
@TKDSquid (56)
• United States
20 Dec 06
Creativity is more important. I believe that creativity leads to efficiency. They are probably seeing if you'll obey their rules without question or be a "troublemaker" by suggesting ideas. Sigh...just can't win :)