Declaration of Fates

@addbot (23)
December 20, 2006 3:53am CST
Some of us are comedians and dancers, acting on this crimson stage and entertaining this lonely audience. It used to be easy to set yourself on fire and let its' passions consume you till its time the lights go out and we let it fade into another soft good night. Another day in paradise? or just another wasted way of giving yourself away? They say that you'll never know what you've got till it's gone... so how high up in that twinkling sky do we remain? Are we waiting to fall and slip into another summer's dream waking to find a silent winter night. Where the shadows of our past and present echo into the four walls of our mighty sanctuary... can we make sense of the madness? If we can make sense of this, maybe we can learn to live again? Our foolish thoughts that weigh as much as a bird's feather is quickly blown away in the rain or another passionate storm. Don't some of you wish that you were only skin deep? If only all that remained was but a scar tissue. I envy the barkskin warriors... so ready to jump on a crusade and declare their undying honor but leave a trail of severed victims in the name of an all holy and pure. I wish I could be that ruthless... haha. Strange as it may seem, for someone as laid back as me, I actually don't take my life too lightly. As hard as I may try, I will never say that I love you, unless I know that I do, maybe someone will have the patience to wait for me from across the chasm of impending doom.
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