Why Load Shedding?

load shedding. - how importand has load shedding become now-a-days.and wats gonna be stored for the future.
December 20, 2006 4:11am CST
Electricity demand in Maharashtra (MSEDCL’s area) has been rising at a very high rate in the last two years. In 2004-05, the peak demand went up from 11357 MW to 12749 MW over 2003-04 which is a jump of 12.26% as compared to earlier average increase of 2.74% While the demand has been increasing, the generation capacity has remained steady with maximum availability of 9300 MW. This had resulted in a peak gap of 3449 MW in 2004-05. In 2005-06, the peak demand recorded in May 05 was 12987 MW which is again a jump of 238 MW over the previous year. This had resulted in a shortage (load shedding) of 3687 MW in May 05. guys do u have to say anything on load shedding...like how can we help it and very is it essiential and maybe its consequences
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