In the month - I am Margazhi

@kpisgod (994)
December 20, 2006 5:01am CST
Today is Margazhi, the month meant only for the lord, that is why no marriage or function happen during this month as we are to concentrate on the lord and the lord alone... This month is also the month of Andal, the great devotee of Lord Krishna...This thread is juz to spread some awareness abt the month, Andal and Tiruppavai(beautiful work of Andal)...I am juz amassing all the info I got abt Tiruppavai, so there is no fixed aim for this thread...others can juz add what u have heard abt this work Andal is the daughter of Vishnucitta(Periyalvar) and she is the only female alwar among the 12...due to her great love for lord krishna, she refused to marry any one other than the Lord himself... More on her life... It is said that she composed Tiruppavai when she was 6 yrs old...Andal assumes herself to be a gopi in aayarpadi and has sung 30 beautiful songs(seriously the adjective beautiful is a gross understatement for the work...Its juz tooo good) Andal gathers all the young girls of aayarpadi and goes to temple to meet the is a custom here to get up early in the morning and chant Tiruppavai daily for the next one month...we also have the custom of drawing Rangoli in front of the house....Andal has also mentioned 6 Do's and Dont's during this month in the 2 or 3 song... There is a pasuram(song) on rain....Its a clean slap on the faces of ppl who think every thing is discovered in the west...It clearly states the life cycle of water(evaporation,condensation etc) I request ppl to juz try reading one pasuram of Tiruppavai daily with meaning...On the face of it, It may look simple but let me assure u, Andal is not all that simple...I heard TTD is conducting discourse on various places on Tiruppavai thoughout this month...lets try to make use of it... naaraayaNanE namakkE paRai tharuvaan
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