Do You FEEL your age??

United States
December 20, 2006 6:43am CST
Do you feel your actual age or do you feel older due to illness or injury in your life? Me, I feel younger than my true age
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@marciascott (25554)
• United States
20 Dec 06
I feel older due to illness, I have astma, {Arthur}, you know what that is body aches all the time.
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@moonmage (148)
• United States
24 Jan 07
Most of the time, I feel younger than I am. I think everyone feels older if they're really sick or if they have old injuries that start to hurt when the weather's really cold, but other than that, I really don't feel older. Some of it is really mental, though. I tend to hang out with people who are younger than me because they still like to just have fun. I mean, some seriousness is a good thing but I don't enjoy being so much so that I can't have a good time no matter what I'm doing.
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@tellus (1443)
• Finland
24 Jan 07
i feel and look like much younger. im 31.
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@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
24 Jan 07
Strangely enough I don't feel my age, I don't dress my age and I seem to have friends in a younger age group, so I really don't think of myself as old as I am...
@mcbota (2127)
• Romania
17 Jan 07
By responding to this question you make me to think that I become older again with one more year in 2007.I cant say if is a good age or a bad age but some are calling this age a good one.At this age you are able usually to think more mature than others which are younger,but also you can be in the crisis of this certain age.You have to have a good family and maybe children.As for me at this age I have a family ,a driven license which usually you can afford to have at the age of 18 here in Romania,I have a job but I do not have any children yet.I would like to have and I think is the best age to be already in marriage life.Some says that the best age to be married is around 29 years old but this depends from country to country.If you can guess what age I have it is very good and if not I will tell you that I am 37 and I am thankful to God for what I have and done till this age!May God bless you all even if you are old ,young ,married or not married!So if you can calculate the year of my born you will see that I was born in 1970!I still feel young at this age!