Eurobarre - Eurobarre
December 20, 2006 7:05am CST
Eurobarre is a French advertising bar that you satisfied in order to hold it open while you are in front of the PC. Previewed E' also a system bonus based on the email (the minimal value 50 points) and of the questionnaires bonus. It comes rewarded also your fidelity: 5000 points bonus after to the 15 - 45 - 75 days and then to the anniversary. Inviting your friends you will earn 100% of their points of surf and the email bonus. I use it from January 2005 and by now I come paid every month. The pay-out it is fixed to 15 € through paypal (for nonresident in France). As all the systems in order to earn in Internet, more refer are had and more it is succeeded to earn!
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@Xmas4Lot (41)
• Italy
24 Nov 07
Also me! I've eurobarre for 5 days about. But i've not referal. If someone wants to bacame my "son" ( :) )... I'm ready to give him my link ( Hi all!
@steerforth (1802)
• Italy
4 Sep 07
I used a lot Eurobarre but now I don't use it anymore because you can earn only with a lot of navigation and with a big downline. Without a downline you can't do a lot of points.
@mirko92 (10)
• Italy
3 Sep 07
I have eurobarre, it's a great site
• United States
27 Apr 07
I have Eurobarre, but how many points do you need to earn in order to reach the payout? I'm at 2011 currently for having it running for the past few days or so.