December 20, 2006 7:13am CST
Hi... It’s me Rio-Solomon, I’d like to share my first experience celebrating Christmas in the orphanage. Well, the story is following. I’d been told that Christmas in The Orphanage would be different from any other Christmas celebration I’d ever seen and experienced in my entire life. I was curious how it would happen. All I know Christmas celebration will be the same from day to day, because the point we will celebrate the birthday of Christ. Well, I’d not believed until on November I always picked up the booking phone, at least I’d listed 9-10 Visitors to come from the 1st-30th of December. I still believe nothing at what I’d heard about that. 1st day of December came, nothing happened in the morning but suddenly 1 bus of young people came off the bus and told that they would celebrate pre Christmas here, in the orphanage. Fortunately, the preparation of every celebration of pre Christmas was so perfect. A Christmas tree had stood up in the meeting room; it’s well-decorated although without any twinkle twinkling lights. The chairs had been arranged two or three days prior by the children. The room had been decorated with Christmas accessories, photos and pictures were attached to the room-wall. Candles and many other things had been already in the room. Pre Christmas, we people around North Celebes celebrate it from year to year. It’s celebrated by groups of Christian people, or companies, or clans, friends, relatives and so on and on. Before, I had never celebrated Christmas in Orphanage nor raised any idea that I’d be here for that. Any way, we were listening to the gospel preaching, while other busses and cars dropped in park area of the Orphanage, then, came off the dizzy people out of the cars. I notice every one of them looked around trying to recognize the area. Some of them roaming around the park area, soon we know they need toilet for pissing. I inside the meeting room was getting heart-attack. Slowly but sure, what I’d heard formerly began to happen. It was very spectacular; many people put their attention to the orphanage. I heard many different kind of Christmas Message from the Gospel preacher, the attendant who’s given chances to make Christmas speech and others. Sometimes, I was given chance to make speech in behalf of my leader absence. I was given duty to make speech. It’s crazy and mad but interesting. Imagine this! Many older people were paying attention by nodding their heads curiously after my words. LOLS! It’s not usual for me, so I was enjoying the situation. The 5th of December, we were invited for interview in a local TV station. We were interviewed before, but this was another chance for us, especially for Christmas. The producer told us that the night prior people were asking lots of questions when my leader was in single interviewed. I jogged to one of the children behind me, “maybe I have been born to make show on television. What about it is my destiny?” We laughed together about that. I believe this December will give new thing to my experience, with 61 orphans around me. I will share my life one for each person. I will never divide my love to the children but give to each of them a full room of my heart. To me, the true meaning of Christmas is that. Christ was born in a manger instead of a Queen size of bed, although He was the richest person all mass. He was born in the heat of napkin instead of wool blanket wrapped around His little tiny body. A true fact of humility, God had chosen this way to love His beloved creation. Finally, let me say Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy Birthday to Jesus, The Christ. Guys! He’s the God who has many names. Wonder? Read your bible.
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20 Dec 06
Motta of chrismas is sharing and love,and i hope u had both of them in ur christmas