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December 20, 2006 8:10am CST
tickle yr bones with joke: An elderly couple was driving across the country. the women was diving when she got pulled over by the highway patrol. the officer said "Maam did you know you were speeding ?" the women , hard of hearing tirns to her husband amd asks, " what did he say?" the old man yells, " he says you were speeding" the patrolman says," May I see the licence " the women turns to her husband and ask again, " What did he say ? " the old man yells, " he wants to see you are from Arkansas. I spent sometime there once and went on a blind date with the ugliest women ihave ever seen." the women turned to her husband and asked," What did he say?" And the old man yells ," He said he knows you." Next plzzzzzzzz
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@ricky1209 (1677)
• India
30 Dec 06
First day of School It was the first day of school. As the principal made his rounds, he heard a terrible commotion coming from one of the classrooms. He rushed in and spotted one boy, taller than the others, who seemed to be making the most noise. He seized the lad, dragged him to the hall, and told him to wait there until he was excused. Returning to the classroom, the principal restored order and lectured the class for half an hour about the importance of good behavior. "Now," he said, "are there any questions?" One girl stood up timidly. "Please sir," she asked, "May we have our teacher back?"
@rejathr (94)
• India
24 Dec 06
thank u for this funny jokes
@jen20619 (1302)
• Ireland
24 Dec 06
monkey - monkey joke
well done with this joke soo funny.What do ya call something brown,hairy,with glasses????? a cheeky monkey.hee heee.Merry Christmas and a happy New Year all the best for 2007