if you are an animal lover

December 20, 2006 8:16am CST
Are you an animal lover,if yes how can you eat chicken,mutton beef etc. isn't it bad?
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• India
20 Dec 06
I am an animal lover and also a vegetarian.So I don't have any moral dilemas.Medically and ethiically vegetarian food is the best.
• India
20 Dec 06
kool.. me too a vegetarian.. tnks 4 ur post n have a nice day
@Tine88 (259)
• Belgium
20 Dec 06
Meat - Meat :)
I am an animal lover, and I eat meat:s It's just too good to resist... I know meat isn't that good, though we eat bio-meat, so that's better then regular meat and they thread the animals better. I now I should better not eat meat, but... I eat less meat then a couple of years ago!! It's also pretty hard to skip meat... You have to change your diet and if the rest of your family does eat meat it's hard to be the only one who doesnt (and I also can't miss meat=D)