Avoid that stuffed after Christmas Dinner feeling.

@teenal (970)
December 20, 2006 8:38am CST
You can eat your christmas meal and be health conscious at the same time and avoid that horrible bloating feeling we all gert when we over indulge. Here is how Have lots of drinking water available at the table, and drink as much of it as you can before your meal, this will stop you from over-eating, and flush those toxins out of your system. Fill up on veg, as much as you can, that way you will be eating healthy, and wont want as much of the fatty foods. Choose turkey rarther than duck, duck is high in fat. Sprinkle a little fennel, and rosemary over your food, they can aid digestion, and add more flavour to your meal. Anyhow, enjoy your meal, and have a great christmas!
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• India
21 Dec 06
feast - stuff ur self,eat more
I don't mind eating that much in christman, I am fond of eating. we hats a good trick. But if you have already eaten too much, cut a small piece of ginger and eat it with little salt. It will help you to digest the load faster and you can have a nice sleep.
@acosjo (1904)
• Canada
20 Dec 06
It's always tough to control eating at Christmas. I'm really going to try to control the portion or maybe stick to just one plate. At the same time I will also try to get a rigorous run in a day before and hit the weights before the big meal. I'll need to replenish and what a great meal to do it with.
• Ireland
20 Dec 06
That's a good tip and I will pass it on to all my family. They can eat the veggies while I eat the turkey, as I hate veggies. I will also eat two deserts afterward and take a nice little walk before indulging in a few drinks and some Christmas cake and pudding.