Do being brown helps to win booker award

December 20, 2006 8:59am CST
English is now a world wide language. It stands to a reason that the best writing in english doesnt have to originate from a tiny isle, scepted though it might be. V. S. Naipauls famed colonials neurosis is passe and its now upto the rest of the world to join the partyy and rest of the world happens to have rather larger no. of brown people. A few of whom are gate crashing. the literary canon so whats new ? Rangit bolt, a tranlater of classic european theatre who lives in the uk has stated that being brown helps to win the booker. Literature, however, has no colour. it may suit many to slot writers into cultural pigeon holes or gheteoes, than exhault them to remain loyal to the truths of that culture unfortunately the literary imagination does not work that way, a profoundly unsetting process for the gate keepers of culture. that is not only true for literary critics like harold bloom, who prefers a western canon of dead white males, but also those who have protested against kiran desai's booker prize winning the inheritance of loss on the grounds that its not true to this or that aspect of Kalimpong's history or local culture, according to critics victor shklovsky the assence of literature is defamiliarisation, or estrangement. that means writers have to imagine foriegn locals they have to write themselves out of their own skins. Vikram seth wasa doing that when he wrote the golden gate or an equal music, which are set in white worlds. This remain valid work of literature, no matter what the critics says. Neither did james baldwin write about black experience wholly - jhis first novel Giovanni's Room, was about a white homosexual couple. Cultural passage can also be a great thing for literature. ThaT MAKES E. M.foresters a passage to India a very interesting novel and writers like V.S. Naipaul or Salman Rushdie have reenacted this passage from the other side. what makes their work enduring is that it transents brownness or whiteness.
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