December 20, 2006 9:04am CST
You may say it's a bit childish for me to talk about this game, but heck, it's the most played online, there are lots of championships with prizez involved, so I can say it is something to talk about. Personaly i play it to get rid of stress, after a hour of CS i'm verry calm, and besides it's fun. I also play it with my friends and in competitions... What i'am curios about is what do you thing about it and how here plays it.
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• Singapore
22 Dec 06
Well,I sort of like counter strike cause it's infact fun.Especially when playing it with other people = alot more fun.
@jurekz (361)
• Indonesia
21 Dec 06
Whichever map was liked by you from counter strike? I liked in the map de_vertigo