If you are a superhero what powers do you want to have???

December 20, 2006 10:05am CST
ever since I was a kid until now I always want to be a superhero, saving the world from evil genius, changing custume on a phonebooth, on the run when disasters strikes!!! But superheroes can't do this without their superpowers or their unique ability. so if I will become a superhero what powers or power do I want to have? maybe something i can use also with my daily routine, also can dodge bullets, can be at any places in no time, I think I want to be the Fastest man in the world. being fast can be very helpful, no late your always on time just like The Flash from DC Comics. How about you?
2 responses
@paavas (81)
• India
20 Dec 06
if transportation is of primary concern how about teleporting? Also i would want a way to hit the a guys froma distance, like a laser beam plus martial art training for close combat.. howz that for a super hero...
@zemughul (180)
• France
20 Dec 06
to fly! that would be great!