Do you believe in "first love never dies"?

December 20, 2006 10:25am CST
i believe so.Until now i havent forget my first love.He is still a part of me and even though he did bad i still love him so much.My bf now knows it and its good to know that he really understand me.I keep on telling myself to forget him(my x-bf) but have no effect.I keep on telling myself to concentrate on my new bf but still i feel the same for him.Its almost 5 years ago and yet i still cant move on. Do you experience the same?..
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@sunshinecup (7881)
20 Dec 06
Nope, I'm a BIG beleiver in the fact, love can die. I don't love people that hurt me, so I don't love them if they do. My first broke my heart in no time, so in no time, I stopped loving him. Honestly I don't understand people when they say they still love their ex's that didn't treat them good. What in the world are they in love with? Bad qualities smoothers out any good they may have had, IMO.
• Philippines
20 Dec 06
i dont just look at the bad things he did,his also human like us that do some stupid things all the time right?, but i also look at the great things he did and those memorable times we spend beacause my x-boyfriend and i been together for 2 years.
@srhelmer (6930)
• Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
20 Dec 06
I'm fortunate in the fact that my wife is also my first love so I don't have to let that feeling die.
• Philippines
20 Dec 06
oh thats nice to here.Hoping both of you a good luck!
@ngchunyi (130)
• Canada
24 Dec 06
Well, i believe that most people will make more effort of keeping their first love since its there first love. But there is no such thing.