Is every one is aware from information technology?

December 20, 2006 10:26am CST
An "information technology revolution" that can stimulate significant social change is clearly underway.The exponential growth in computational capability per unit dollar and rapidly increasing bandwidth continues to fuel high expectations that computerization will transform informational and social structures.Connectivity among individuals,companies and nations is forming what some are calling Cyberspace and virtual communities and new forums and formats for electronic publishing, communication and commerce. Since wealth,power and freedom of action derive from control over,access to,and effective use of, information and expertise, the shifting organization of information technologies and social life -- large scale and small scale -- is a major concern.These combined trends have stimulated discussions the relationships between technological change and social change. The term Information Society has been a key marker for many of these studies and discussions. "The Information Society" journal (TIS), published since 1981, is a key forum for thoughtful analysis of the impacts, policies, system concepts, methodologies and cultural change related to these trends. It is a refereed journal that publishes scholarly articles, position papers, debates, short communications and book reviews. The Information Society is a multidisciplinary refereed journal that provides a forum for thoughtful commentary and discussion of information technology and social change and information policy.It serves as a key critical forum for leading edge analysis of the impacts,policies,system concepts,methodologies related to information technologies and changes in society and culture. Some of the key information technologies include computers and telecommunications;the sites of social change include home life,workplaces, schools,communities and diverse organizations, as well as new social forms in cyberspace.The journal appeals to scientists,scholars and policymakers in government,education and industry.
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