December 20, 2006 10:53am CST
Im thinking of heading over to latvia for max a week over new years.. anyone been there?? just wanna know if theres lots to do n see etc... looked at this franks fun hostel or something (what a crap name lol) and it looks so fun and CHEEEEEAP but im wondering if its aimed at blokes totally or somethihng? lemme know!
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• United States
27 Dec 06
I am Latvian, my picure on my profile was taken there this summer I went for a month, Latvia is awesome, the food is cheap and better than in the U.S, and the cost of living is cheaper, except there money is more than here, for example if you take $100 USD to Latvia you have 50lots. My father lives in Durbe Latvia, if you go to Riga, it is a big beautiful city like Newyork, lots and lots of people, the big city is expensive but the small home towns is cheap and lots to see,I have many pictures of my trip I will post so you can see.
• Italy
27 Dec 06
Thanks, your informations are very useful. I will take them in my mind when I will have to organize my travel. xx