Very low-budget travelling? Possible?

December 20, 2006 10:57am CST
Hi! Well... First of all this might sound crazy and stingy! But well I felt I had to have input... So here goes! Been looking at all kinds of travels to fill in my gap-year - My biggest problem however is the finances - my budget very very limited - aound £1400! But instead of callin' everything off I have been considering and hoping to get out very cheap! I love nature, small places, simple living and eating - really I could go with oranges or so every once in a while! - I could go with sleeping outdoor or with locals in return for helping out in some way! But I'm really hoping to hear whether it's all crazy! Instead of going 2 weeks somewhere south-europe or middle-east - I was thinking about booking a one-way flight to south-europe - spain, portugal, greece or italy! And stay away until I have only to pay for the flight home - then go back! Ridiculous? I mean is this possible! I'm thinking going in january so wheather gotta be good to enjoy nature and be able to take only limited clothes and so on... Which of the places would be cheapest? Anybody know about free lodging? camping? working for lodging? etc.?? or very cheap?? I know it might sound crazy! On the other hand I feel that the continent could be discovered on low amount... I would like to go for inspiration and simple living so to say - to write, read, learn language and enjoying somewhat hot weather! Possible??
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