Have you never been in Mauritius?

@carlomeno (1086)
December 20, 2006 11:49am CST
I have been there for my honeymoon, it is marvellous. I suggest you to go there once in a life.
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@juliedee (2390)
3 May 07
I have been to Mauritius twice on holiday and it is an absolutely beautiful island. I stayed at Le Coco Beach and the Sugar Beach Resort which are both fabululous hotels. The island itself is just fantastic with lots of lovely places to see. I have been to the Caribbean several times to different islands (Barbados, Jamaica and Antigua) and Mauritius is far better than any of them (Antigua comes a close 2nd). The food is better than in the Caribbean and the people are so nice.
@Ashgun (472)
2 May 07
Hello I am from mauritius and i agree with u thats a really wonderful island. Well its situated in the indain ocean near madagascar! and its really lovely and peaceful place to stay. We have beautiful beaches around the island. The average temperature during the day is 25° C and approx 18° C during the night and there are only 2 seasons; hot from Nov-April and warm from May-oct. There are lots of hotels all around the island and languages that are spoken are english, french and also creole!
• Singapore
9 Mar 07
Oh thats wonderful, i've been there and stayed at Le Coco Beach Resort, where did you stay at? I stayed there for 6 nights and fly there by Air Mauritius, it was a 8hour flight. I love Mauritius for its people, the sun, the sea, the sky and many more. Not only does it has the above but lots more like botanical gardens and lots of shopping? I wrote a blog on mauritius, maybe you'll like to go and view it at www.valkrieangel.blogspot.com and link me to your blog as well if you have one.
• France
6 Jan 07
yes i went there abt 10 tymz for holidays n visitin relatives. i guess im gonna live there.
@lucterius (213)
• Belgium
20 Dec 06
is it a country? I really dont know it :S please explain to me