freeware and its growth

September 23, 2006 4:49pm CST
I reckon freeware is the future. Linux and the rest are going to rule the roost preety soon. Already there are whispers from the industry experts about its exponential growth pattern and how employees from MS, Intel, Sun, and the rest are leaving their companies to form their own freeware enterprises to be a part of the billion dollar industry. Reckon freeware is the future, guys!!!! Know of anything/ways to make it big in freeware, pass it on guys!!!!!
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@gotcho0O (1258)
• United States
6 Dec 06
What possible chances they could get from forming their own freeware enterprises?
4 Oct 06
By knowing how to code would be a start! As well as identifying a weak area, for example operating systems. While we all know linux is a fantastic potential to rival Windows, that is all it will ever be unless it comes user-friendly and open to the vast majority. I think many other weak areas are: Word Processing Photo editoring, while there are many packages for photo editoring I don't think there is a real rival to Adobe in this field.