December 20, 2006 12:22pm CST
i'm need of money right now.i don't know how to earn so much within 14 days.plz help me guys... i've earned only 0.27$ &that's too less.help me
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20 Dec 06
Unfortunately there is NO get rich quick scheme out there. It is a long term plan that you have to set goals and targets to reach it. You will earn more money and more quickly by having a part time job as well. Not the answer you were looking for but there is nothing for it to start with, you have to work and work at it. As far as myLot is concerned you should aim at getting as many referrals as you can and keep posting and replying to discussions - but there is no quick fix Im afraid
• Philippines
20 Dec 06
i think you should double your participation on discussions. good for you u got 0.27. mine 0.00 im new here. :) good luck to you.