Scammed online?

December 20, 2006 12:38pm CST
Why do so many people fall for Internet scams? Stuffing envelopes, assembling crafts at home, paid typing jobs, deposit cheques into your account and wire some of it to another country, Nigerian scam, lottery scam, paid survey lists etc?. Why do a lot of people never check forums such a mylot and many others where they can find good information before parting with their money?
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@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
8 Nov 07
I think it is because they have difficulty finding jobs, and they believe that their skills do not enable them to get a good paying jobs. It could also be that these scams are the only ones offered to housewives and stay at homers, because the general consensus of these scammers are that women who are homemakers are stupid, brainless twits and they deserve to be scammed. You can now stop for a few seconds to boo these scammers. I can never understand why women fall for these schemes. I also think the reason they do not check the forums, because they are unsure whether the person reporting the scheme has an ulterior motive, like being in competition. I do wish that the assembling crafts at home could be legal. My mother fell for one and that was pre internet, over 45 years ago. So this is not new.
• United States
21 Dec 06
I almost fell for the one where you collect the money and wire to another country. Alot of them are the UK. I did my research first. I checked out the company and it was a fake. Found a web page that actually has a list of the scams out there right along with all their email addresses. It's easy for people to fall for these because they are in need of money and will try anything to get it but in the process they get burned. and some even lose money. I wish everyone would research everything before trying anything. Then maybe the scammers would just stop or get caught.