@miryam (6507)
December 20, 2006 1:09pm CST
what do think about Nirvana????
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@stvasile (7317)
• Romania
20 Dec 06
Nirvana...what? Nirvana the bhudist concept or Nirvana the rock band?
@miryam (6507)
• Italy
20 Dec 06
mmmmm the band...::)))
@gscs1838 (1536)
• Malaysia
20 Dec 06
i was into the seattle grunge scene right from the start, nirvana lead the charge, dave grohl is a demon behind a drum kit, and his drum grooves and beats went hand in hand with kurt's unique guitar riffs and melodys (somtimes sweet and musical, sometimes screeching but always powerful). Nevermind was the first album to have grohl on the drums, and from then on they kicked ***, It is a classic album, it never gets old. i keep going back to it expecting it to be past it, but every time i do its like hearing it for the first time. the Inutero album was also ace
• United States
20 Dec 06
i dont like there music